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Transmission Services offered

My family has been in the transmission business for three generations now. My grandfather retired from a career as a corporate accountant 36 years ago to open a franchise transmission shop with his three young sons, the eldest of whom was my dad. Eventually, each of the three sons opened their own transmission businesses. Our branch of the family (my dad) left the franchise behind and opened an independent shop. Sadly, my dad passed away when I was only 13 but my mother kept his business running for over 10 years until I was able to take over the business. My sister and I were home-schooled and did our school work in what is now the administrative office of the shop. I would sneak out into the shop between working on my calculus and history to see what the guys were doing and to help when I could. I removed my first transmission from a Chevy Silverado when I was only 15! I guess you could say that I received private tutoring in that area too. I then served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and was honorably discharged. As of this writing, I'm still attending college on line but I'll finish eventually. Serving my customers comes first. My goal is to do everything I can to carry on my dad's legacy and to make sure he'd be proud of me. But enough about me...

We do offer a wide range of transmission services. We do everything from preventative maintenance to re-manufacturing transmissions.

Preventative maintenance
for your vehicle's transmission is usually a good idea. Just as engine oil changes help keep your engine in good condition, transmission fluid changes can help prolong the life of your transmission. With this service we will change your fluid and filter, make any needed adjustments and perform a diagnostic scan of your vehicle's on board computer. There are times though when a transmission service wouldn't be advised. Taking your vehicle to a shop that specializes in transmissions can help prevent problems that can arise from having this service when a fluid flush or change would not be in your best interest.

Transmission Repair
is sometimes all you need. Often customers come in convinced that they need to have their transmission re-manufactured when all they really need is a simple repair. We follow a complete diagnostic procedure that assures that we advise you properly about what your vehicle requires to be back running safely. Sometimes with older vehicles we can do a band adjustment. Newer vehicles sometimes only need an electrical component like a solenoid or a switch. We take the time to determine just exactly what you need and to advise you properly. Then we review the options with you and help you make a good decision about your repair.

Transmission Re-manufacture
is the next level of service. If we conclude that there is no simple repair that will get your vehicle back up and running properly again then this is our next recommendation. When a re-manufacture is needed we start by removing your transmission from your vehicle. I then I personally dis-assemble and inspect every transmission that we do here. I go over every drum, snap ring and valve, etc to make sure there are not problems or imperfections. I then make a list of those items that have either worn out or broken and therefore need to be replaced. From there I determine the labor time required to do the re-manufacture. Your estimate will be detailed and include the internal transmission parts needed and the labor time involved. You'll never need to guess what exactly we do because it is all right there in black and white for you. We'll email the estimate to you and of course get your authorization before we start anything.

Transmission Replacement
is an option that is possible as well. We can replace your vehicle's transmission with a purchased re-manufactured unit which is something I'll recommend in those rare instances when the damage to a transmission is so extensive that the cost of parts and labor exceed the cost of my re-building it for you. Another option for replacement is a used transmission that we purchase from one of our reputable recyclers of transmissions.

Whichever service you need, we provide the information and guidance to help you make the proper decision for your vehicle and your needs.